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We Are Certified Platinum Installers

JetRock is a composition of marble and quartz chips blended with proprietary epoxy resin. The odorless mixture gets troweled to a 3/16″ layer over existing tile, wood or concrete surfaces. The finished surface is slip resistant, waterproof, non-porous and very durable. A JetRock floor will never trap odors, requires no periodic resealing, and eliminates the need to clean or repair grout.

Mountain Slate

Golden Sierra


Black Diamond

Emerald Green


Coral Red

Glacier Blue

Commercial Flooring Applications




Indoor Pool Decks




Locker Rooms


Cooler Boxes


Laundry Facilities




Shower Rooms


Service Areas


Mechanical Rooms

Physical Properties

Compressive Strength

12,400 psi

Tensile Strength

7,100 psi

Surface Hardness

70 Shore D

Impact Resistant

>24,000 psi

Water Absorption


Weight 1.16lbs/sf at

3/16" thickness

Environment Friendly

no VOCs

The JetRock Process

Step 1

You are tired of dealing with unsightly, hazardous, unsanitary, unpleasant floors.

Step 2

We will set up a time to visit your location, carefully assess your floors, and prepare an accurate quote. We create a project plan that includes equipment removal, surface preparation, JetRock installation, and equipment re-installation.

Step 3

We carefully remove your equipment

Step 4

Your floor is prepped for JetRock installation

Step 5

Final mixing of JetRock occurs on-site from precisely pre-measured kits- ensuring consistent quality

Step 6

Radius cover base is troweled on, ensuring there are no seams, or gaps between the wall and floor

Step 7

JetRock is installed directly over your existing floor. Your new floor cures in 6 to 8 hours, after which crews re-install your equipment.

Step 8

Your durable, beautiful, functional JetRock floor is ready to use.

Typically, installs happen over night, so you never have to fully shut down service at your facility.

We are pleased to announce our alliance with JetRock epoxy flooring in fact, we are a certified platinum installer with offices in New England and California. JetRock is designed for overnight installation in commercial kitchens. It can be installed over existing tile floors, concrete or wood with minimal downtime.

- Kevin Hunt and Crew

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